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“Go See the Math Doctor”

How about a game of “Math Jeopardy!” Next time you want to teach a Black student math, go see Shahid “Math Doctor” Muhammad. The educator and author of “How to Teach Math to Black Students” gives parents, teachers, and students ideas, tips and encouragement on how to make math more exciting.  Games like “Wheel of Math” and theme worksheets like “Math Matrix Revolution” are just a few of his suggestions.  His ideas for positive re-enforcement, prizes, awards, school and local competitions are sure to get students motivated.   The Doctor prescribes that adults “use variety to get into a child’s thinking.”  He recommends having students show their work, interview, or give oral presentations as alternative assessment tools. He encourages substituting boring worksheets with poetry, poems, cartoons, and video projects. His workbooks and DVD series uses word and math problems that keep our children interested. If you need a remedy for general math, geometry, and algebra problems, go see Shahid “Math Doctor” Muhammad.


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